Monday, March 01, 2010

Are You In the Big Winds too? There's an Answer!

Are You in the Big Winds time too?

The Big Winds are the stirring up, the vortex, the spinning out of control that let's us gather the momentum we need to break through our own thoughts and perceptions. As we do this the Wounded Healer, Chiron, breaks from the world of Illusion into the world of Enlightenment.

Have you noticed the seemingly insane energy that is around us now? Earthquakes, sudden deaths, massive endings, and yet, fabulous triumphs as well. The Olympics provided us a very fitting backdrop in which to see this in motion and feel its effects too. What in heavens name is going on?

Welcome to the Super Full Moon in Virgo, and the transformation energy that is pouring through it. This is energy that specifically has flavour of awareness, expansion and growth of your vision. It sounds great, but we must address the illusion we are trapped in before we can experience the vision we desire. Rest assured, there is a solution. The Universe is kind and always presents a specific map out. The overview is called Awareness, Skills, Management.

We all want to have new skills in place and to effectively manage our lives into the magnificence that we all sense that they hold. But before you can have skills, you first need new awarenesses.

So for this Solutions page let's look at the current themes and bring these into our Awareness:

The Hermit: Introspection and Personal Integrity
  • You need to be aware of where YOU are out of integrity with your own self! Where are you 'living the lie' to keep the illusion of peace? Where has your own illusion left you between a rock and a hard place?
Virgo: The sign of Spiritual Service

  • You are being asked NOW to step into service. Your comfort level with your gifts has nothing to do with the power of your gifts! Comfort and growth are mutually exclusive concepts. Where does your 'story' effectively trap you and prevent you from living the dream NOW? (Kids, husband or wife, family, job?). Are you listening to the challenges with an ear for a SOLUTION, or do you hear the challenges and just say, “Forget it.”.
  • In order to work with the Truth, you need to be able to LIVE it first.

  • Note that the above heading said nothing about waiting until next year, or when the kids are older. What can you set up now, what step can you take NOW, that will further your vision?
  • This is a very specific theme of releasing your illusion and letting go of what no longer serves you. This is the focus of all of the angst at this time! It is meant to spur you into ACTION releasing the anchors holding you back. For most of us, this isn't a new them. What is new is the ACTION that we are being asked to take, and the release of all of our convenient excuses as to why we don't let them go now. So complete this cycle, heal it and release it!
  • Courage: Remember that courage means action in the face of fear, not fearless. It is important to resource, ask for inner and outer guidance, and have a plan of action. Isolation is the mark of hopelessness. Resourcing is the mark of thriving.

The rays of Idealism and Devotion are here too. So aim for a new level of Grace. Remember that there is no single right way. All decisions made from fear add to Illusion, so be care-full and gentle with yourselves!

We are in this flux until the Spring Equinox, so stand strong, resource and this will make sure that the Big Winds will avoid blowing you away!

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