Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Resources and Goals

The new year is a great opportunity to start fresh, turn over a new leaf, or make a new goal. Often though that new start becomes just another brick in the wall of our frustration. So what makes some goals a success and some a failure?

It's all in how it's constructed. It turns out that there really is a formula after all. It's been used for ages with successful business leaders and now you can play with it too! In our Designing Your Destiny two day trainings we teach the structure to people, along with how to blow out fears and install your goals neurologically.

Success also has a lot to do with how well you reach out to others too, so if you pride yourself on doing it alone, you may never get there. Resourcing means creating, maintaining and using your connections.

The structure is S.M.A.R.T. It takes traditional goal setting and adds in a quantum twist!

Part 1:
S: Your goal must be specific. Really specific.
'I want to be my ideal weight' is not specific. 'I want to be 130 pounds, toned, healthy and fit by June 21, 2009 through eating smaller meals, increasing my exercise, and becoming more educated about food', is specific. If you can't name it in a sentence or two, you can't get it!

M: Your goal must be measurable. No feelings can be in your goal!
How will you know that you have achieved your goal? You see the scale number, or your jeans are looser, or you have lost 3 inches on your waist, etc. Your goal must also be for you, because unless you want it, it won't happen!

A: Your goal must be attainable, and as-if it's NOW.
If you are only makeing $30,000/year now, setting an annual income of $1,000,000 probably isn't attainable as your first financial goal. If you've never gone to the gym steadily before, setting a goal to go five days a week probably isn't attainable, but walking three times a week certainly is. When you've mastered that, then set a goal to go to the gym for three days a week.
You also need to put your goal inthe present, even though it may be grammatically incorrect.
So I am enjoying...I am celebrating....I AM...

R: Your goal must be realistic.
A woman once told me her goal was to have her body process sugar like protein. Not only is that unrealistic, but by current body design she would have been dead if she achieved it. Make your goals realistic, and build on them.

T: Your goal must have an end date and it must be towards what you want.
Note that the goal I listed earlier had a time on it. You must put an end date on your goal, otherwise it's just a wish.
In my fall blogs we spoke about Towards vs. Away. Towards wealth is different than Away From poverty. Very different. Make sure your goal only has positive language and only describes EXACTLY what you want.

Part 2:
Look around your world, listen to what friends and family are saying...who can you tap into as a resource to assist you? Announce your goal to your family! Give people an opportunity to assist in creating your success. Success is fun for everyone!

And if you don't know what to do, make sure you keep asking until you do. This is where a coach can make all the difference in the world. Coaches work towards specific goals with clients, so make sure someone is coaching, and cheering you on.

Happy goal setting everyone. Have fun!

Monday, December 15, 2008

December Celebrations

I'm visiting my family in the U.S. As I write this it is the day after the US Thanksgiving, arguably the largest American holiday of the year. It is also the busiest shopping day of the year, “Black Friday” - so named because if the books don't get into the black by the end of today, they won't get into the black by year's end. On Black Friday the stores open at 5am and limited availability items are the norm to lure shoppers from their warm beds. It is also the official beginning here of the Christmas/holiday season.

As I begin pondering my angle for this Celebrations blog my brother-in-law interrupts with a top breaking local story; a 37 year old man has been trampled to death by a crowd that broke the doors down at 6am to get the 'early-bird' specials at Walmart. They also knocked down a 28 year old pregnant woman, and thankfully initial reports say she and the baby will be OK. Before the day is out five similar stories are reported in the New York City area.

Leading me to ask the question; exactly what are we celebrating this season? Why do marketers speak about 'surviving' the holidays? We now know that what you focus on grows, and that led me to ask myself what I wanted to focus on this season.

It seems that in our technologically connected world, that we have become more and more isolated. Although we have access to everything, we have forgotten how to connect with everyone. In my mind the core of the season is about relationships...the giving and receiving and the joy that comes from that inter-connectedness with all things. This allows me to open the door and look at my relationship with myself, my parents, my spouse, my family, my peers, my past lives, the Earth and humanity, and my relationship with the Divine. The deeper my awareness goes, the more choices I have.

So this season I have decided to focus on Celebrating Relationships. Below are some concepts and strategies to help us have fun and keep our focus. Connecting is about giving.

  1. Stay aware of your focus! Is it on the have to dos or want to dos? If it is on the have to dos, bring your focus back to why these relationships are important to you, and do the task with that frame of mind. It will alleviate lots of stress.
  2. Decide to be a Secret Santa while out and about. See how many smiles you can create with a kind look, word or gesture. Anonymously pay for the person behind you at Tim's. Spread the joy.
  3. Prioritize your time by limiting your social engagements. It doesn't mean becoming a hermit. It does mean accepting only those invitations that truly vibe with you.
  4. Gifts are meant to bring joy, not create stress. Think about hand creating a gift. You've got no time to shop; think gift cards. They are all the rage for a reason.
  5. Hate the craziness of the stores? Shop on line. Make sure you see the lock that signifies that it is a secure site. Also stay on familiar sites to keep yourself safe and sound.
  6. Donate time and/or money to a shelter, or food to the food bank, or deliver turkeys and food baskets with your church. Give to your favourite charities. Decide to help a total stranger in need.
Happy connecting everyone and have a great holiday season and a healthy, happy and abundant New Year!