Sunday, February 04, 2007

Valentines Vibration Of Love

As I sit here this morning, basking in some alone time, I am surrounded by the energy and feelings of *Gratitude*. Gratitude is a theme in my life, and one of the *Secrets* that propels us forward into flow, into abundance, into a seemingly seamless process of manifestation.

"Why is that?", the teacher in me ponders. What is the essence of *Gratitude*?

And I sense in my body the answer of self-love. You can't truly experience being grateful to anyone or anything if you cannot feel gratitude-full for your own self, your own inner beauty, your own accomplishments.

Valentines Day is around the corner and it is always a wonder-full time to express your love of another in your life; but what if we first made it a Celebration of Self? A day to immerse yourself in self love? What if we made February our Pamper Yourself month? How good might you feel? And how might that feeling roll over onto our friends and loved ones?

Imagine it! A self-date all month! Making small choices to pamper soft clothes and sexy underwear, 'just because'. How about a half hour in the bath at night, instead of zoning out in front of the TV? Can you imagine meeting your own eyes in the mirror and smiling at yourself? Or how about telling yourself "I love you" in the mirror, all month?

What joy! What silliness! What fun! And what a great way to create new neurology around Gratitude!

Looking for gratitude daily, experiencing gratitude daily sets up the groundwork neurologically for you to focus on the good stuff that happened that day, rather than the one or two seemingly bad things. You begin to experience gratitude, so you know that it's possible, and then you begin to expect gratitude. Wow!

So I wish you all a very merry self pampering month. As a matter of fact I'm going to make it Self Pamper month at the Creatrix Transformations Healing Centre (CTHC) too! So look for our upcoming pamper specials...I'll go brainstorm and should have them up soon.

In Love & Light,


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