Friday, October 13, 2006

Beauty & Integrity

This morning while I was opening my email there was an invitation from the "Dove Self Esteem Fund" to view their new one minute movie. As a mom with a 12 year girl, images and messages that come with integrity about our inner selves and our inner beauty are always on our *Yes* list :) What I didn't expect was for this movie to impact me the way that it did.

Let me explain...

Some of you know that earlier on in my life I spent time professionally in the performing arts, on stage with theatre and dance. As part of that life, I also did some modeling and considered myself pretty savvy about how makeup, hairstylists, and a team of professionals can turn anyone (and I do mean anyone) into society's image of a Goddess or God. Back then, airbrushing to change skin texture and colouration was common.

The movie takes a model through her no makeup beginnings, to the image on the billboard ad. What shocked me was watching the post digital editing that literally changed the model's skeletal features. We are now in a place where mere *beauty* is not enough. Now to be considered beautiful you have become non-human, with physical ratios and proportions that are just not possible to achieve naturally. Many are not possible to achieve with surgery!

Soooo....what was my real issue here? Why was I so triggered?

And it all comes down to integrity and intention. Holding your own integrity, through character buuilding, is only possible with a strong sense of inner self and inner value. What happens when someone tries their best, and still can't reach their goals? What happens when the goals were unattainable from the beginning? Is there an intention to dis-able the sense of self, to foster dependancy on externals like cosmetic companies? I can't say.

What I do know is that I question what that does to someone's sense of hope? And what happens to someone when their hope no longer exists? Their Spirit dies, one piece at a time.

Hope, passion and dreams are the things that our Spirit feeds on. And in spite of everything I do maintain hope that our society will contiue to shift, and indeed, is shifting now to honour joy and hope and balance. Anorexic models were recently banned from an important catwalk because their appearance was so ill-looking, Dove is working diligently to shift the perceptions of our young women, and all around me I see the daughters of empowered women learning the necessary lessons of empowerment at such a young age.

So I guess it's all about modeling after all. Act like you are empowered, and you will be empowered. Live that empowerment around our youth, and they will imprint that empowerment into their cells. And so the positive cycle continues too.

If you'd like to see the movie copy this link and paste into your browser:

Thanks for listening....

In Love & Light-


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