Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How Do You Model Growth?

Hello everyone!

As the appearance of Spring begins to take hold, I see around me the evidence that we too are beginning to come out of our hibernation. Neighbors wave, stop and chat. Robins are looking fat and plump as they begin their mating and nest building rituals. Gardeners eagerly clear out the debris of last winter from their flowerbeds.

I celebrate deep in the core of my being, and look to see where I too can mirror this unfolding miracle. How can I take advantage of all of this transformational energy? How can I take this wonder-fullness from feeling into being? As I choose to *be* more full, I can then do more. While I do more, I find that *more* happens more easily. As I looked through my own tools, the tool of modeling presented itself immediately!

So what, exactly, is modeling and how do I use it effectively?

Modeling is a technique allows someone with relatively little or no skill, to successfully act as if they are very skilled in an area. Modeling is a mechanism. I like mechanisms because mechanisms produce results. It doesn't matter how you *feel* about yourself, or your capabilities. Use a mechanism = get results. Breathing is an example of a natural mechanism. Breathe in and oxygen gets into your system. Breathe out and toxins are released. Regardless of how you feel.

In order to use modeling, you need to decide on a skill set that you want; making more money, being more fit, chopping a wooden block in half with your hand, communicating effectively. Next you find someone who does this skill really, really successfully. You don't need to know this person. They could be a public figure or a character in a novel. Finally, you break the skill down into specifics physically, emotionally, mentally, and if applicable spiritually as well.

What does the person physically do? For example if I wanted to be as fit as the golf legend Tiger Woods, I would find interviews where he discussed his physical routine and then copy it as exactly as I can. Tiger gets up at 5:30 am 'sharp' every morning to begin his training. OK - not for me...but you get the point. If it was the skill of breaking a board I would want to know exactly how they stood, breathed, moved their arm, held their hand, focused their eyes.

What were they feeling? Were they seeing something, or hearing something in their own head that helped them to get 'that feeling'. How did they magnify that feeling? Where did they feel that feeling in their bodies? What was their recovery strategy...what did they do when they weren't 'feeling that feeling', to get them back to 'feeling that feeling'?

What were they thinking? What were they seeing or hearing as they went about accomplishing this skill? Specifically? Were their images, mantras, focus points?

For myself, I looked to the garden as my expert model. It is clear that each skill I want to add into my life has it's own specifics. Here is the general process:

Clearing the Garden.
Physically I would need to invest time to clear out my old decomposing *stuff*. That amounts to creating at least the same space and time I would dedicate to my garden, and being as ruthless as I am with my weeds in removing and avoiding behaviours that do not support change.

Prepping the Soil.
That amounts to finding and studying the behaviours and skills of growth. So I not only needed to stop doing something, but also needed to start doing a different something.

Planting the Seeds.
Here is where I get to action the specific new skill sets I want tin my life. This is about doing it, and understanding that 'not doing it' is just a part of my old pattern. When I find myself 'not doing', I just gently choose to 'do the new' thing. Patterns take time to put down strong roots. Twenty-one days with a new skill will give you those roots.

Pruning as You Grow.
Now that you are experiencing the benefit of you r own growth, remember to prune as you go and grow. Continually remove the dead-heads of your life, and tend the growth with attention and tender loving care.

Have fun with yourself as you choose what you would like to be more of this Spring. Joy, excitement, and passion are all contagious and power-full building tools.

In Love & Light-
Kim-Marie Redman PhD(c), MNLP, MTLT, MCHt

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